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Welcome to Roots! As passionate owners of our service, we are dedicated to providing an unique and exceptional experience to every customer who chooses us. In the charming province of Mendoza, we offer more than just tours and transfers; we create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, with a meticulous selection of activities and attention to detail in every step of the journey.
With us, you do not just get a transportation and tourism service; you embark on an exciting and enriching adventure. Each tour is carefully designed to meet the individual needs and desires of our visitors, whether they seek relaxation among vineyards, exploration of pristine nature, or immersion in the interesting local culture. We promise magical and authentic moments that will allow you to discover the true essence of Mendoza.
Our company is committed to exceeding all expectations, offering an unparalleled experience. That is why we invite you to join us on this journey, discovering Mendoza as a truly enjoyable destination. We await you with open arms to create your next everlasting memories!


Journey into Mendoza: Unraveling the Wonders of Argentina's Sunshine Capital.

A city tour in Mendoza offers you the opportunity to visit iconic places, such as the Independence Square, the General San Martin Park, or the emblematic Emilio Civit Avenue. Additionally, you will learn about Mendoza's rich history and culture, with expert guides and comfortable transportation. This tour is the perfect way to discover the highlights of this charming city in a short time.


Delights of Mendoza: Winery Lunches, Restaurant Flavors, and Nature Grills.

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience with us, where you will be able to enjoy a lunch in a prestigious local winery, pairing dainty wines with the most exquisite gourmet dishes, or try our à la carte restaurants, which offer a wide variety of flavors inspired by both Argentine and international cuisine. Additionally, for grill enthusiasts, nothing beats an Argentine barbecue in rustic landscapes, where premium meats are expertly grilled. Immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Mendoza while surrounded by the natural beauty of the region.


Wine Routes in Mendoza: discovering wineries and winemaking secrets.

Embark on this exciting journey among captivating vineyards and discover both small and large wineries, where every corner hides a wine treasure. You will find exceptional quality and world-renowned wines. To make your experience even better, we can also take you to know different local producers of the región and enjoy the purest olive oil, under the Mendoza's brightest sun. Let yourself be seduced by the flavors, aromas, and passion that make our province to be an extraordinary wine capital.

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Natural Adventures: Discover its Charms.

Discover the fascinating beauty of Mendoza visiting astonishing landscapes, like the breathtaking Potrerillos Dam in the middle of the mountains. We also invite you to do thrilling outdoor activities, enjoying wonderful nature views. From serene hikes and horseback rides to exciting adventure sports, each experience is specially designed for you to get fun and unforgettable memories.

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House in your own vineyard

Our Posada is located in the Uco Valley, the most famous wine region in Mendoza.

The house is located in the middle of a vineyard, in a 200 acre estate, right beside the Andes mountains. Ideal for a quiet, private stay.

The property is rented exclusively to you and your party, the pool, SPA and facilities are not shared with anyone else.